Considerations when choosing a DAC?

Hello All,
I am looking to take another step into the 2 channel audio world. I have many parts in place to this point, but need to upgrade the source. I am looking to get into a simple dac, but want the be performance I can find on a very modest budget.
I have read about jitter, and other problems with digital front end and would like to know what you think is the best solution.

I have two cdp at this point a
Denon DCD 3520 that is loaded
and a bugdet all in one
Pioneer dv 578a-S has had some very high reviews, but requires some help either upgrades or otherwise.

Thanks in advance.

On a budget, probably a dAck!2 and a decent S/PDIF cable, like the Apogee Wyde Eye.
A digital IC which added zero jitter (as measured by my Genesis Digital Lens input reading) is the new Auricle Audio Encore Signature Digital IC. This item flies below the Audiogon radar, surfacing on auction, occasionally.
Musical, non-fatiguing, yet thrillingly detailed and extended. In two of my systems where this digital IC auditioned there is the best CD sound I have been able to achieve for realistic cost.
If you spot a used EVS Millennium DAC II it is still quite an amazing piece in the $400 to $600 category.
Monarchy has a number of modest cost excellent performing jitter reducers to place between your CDP and DAC.

Can you tell me what digital gear you are using in your systems. I have ordered several of the Auricle Audio cables and want to see how our set-ups compare. Email me if you feel it is more appropriate so as not to hijack this thread.

Brownsanandy - try the Audio Mirror DAC, or the new Channel Islands Audio DAC. Both can be heard on a trial basis.
Clio09, I emailed you privately about my systems so as not to hijack this thread.
Channel Island Audio DAC is sold by Music Direct who will let audiotion it at home in your own system for 30 days. Audio Mirror offered me 5 days to audion the dac. You can also try Bel Canto DAC2 from AudioAdvisor, also 30 days. I never heard CIA DAC. I did hear the Audio Mirror D2 which was OK. I own Bel Canto DAC2 and use it with WireWorld SuperNova5 optical cable with pretty good results. There are lots of options. As far as digital cables, I would think that among budget cables you probably can't go wrong with Apogee Wide Eye, Stereovox HDXV and WireWorld SuperNova5. You can contact cable company and borrow some cables from them.