Sumiko Celebration Alternatives?

I have used a Sumiko Celebration on my Kuzma Stogi Ref for about 2 years, and to GREAT results on various tables. I use it as my self-defined "top of the line" MC (and, yes, I know others that sound better but, at a price that I am not willing to pay) and I also use about a dozen and a half MM carts in rotation on other tables. The Celebration tracks vell well, is very sweet without being slow, powerful without being sloppy, and has a very large range that is pleasing throughout. I'd say balance is its watchword. The Celebration has mileage left, but it is not too early to think replacement. As such, and in the event I don't just up and buy another Celebration, I'd like to hear from those who have also used a Celebration about which carts you find that sound similar (regardless of price, for now). Thanks.
went from an Ortofon Kontrapunt a, which I really liked to a Dynavector 20Xl which was to forward of a presentation for me. The Celebration was recommended as an alternative choice and knowing the person well, accepted and have been very nicely pleased with it since. Have always wondered about the Ortofon Jubilee, have constantly read very nice things about it and were I to look elsewhere it would be a first consideration.
If you like the Celebration, I would suggest passing it to Soundsmith for a retip. I've had a 103R and recently an AT 33PTG retipped as well. It is absolutely fabulous sounding.

To get the last nth of resolution would cost much more, and it is very high diminishing returns.
I have had a number of modest to moderate Ortofons that produced far in excess of their price-points, but I never went far up the ladder other than a Jubilee with a friend, which was awesome.

"C" I've considered a retip, and have a Clearaudio Virtuoso that I've thought of re-tipping. It is one of the very few Clearaudio carts I've liked. Agree regarding the nth chasing. ;)

Maybe I should clarify that I have interest in which carts folks found similar to the Celebration, not necessarily mounted on a Kuzma. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I don't ask many q's these days, being rather out of commission on a variety of fronts for some months, and it has been a good long while since I spent real dough on an MC - having culled or found specific spots and other homes for several dozen used and NOS MM carts and stylii in both stereo and quad.

You could consider:
1) Clearaudio Concerto
Heard this at a dealers shop on a Basis/Vector4 combo and it sounded very nice.

2) Dynavector XX2Mk2
A very nice cart too. Good presence and dynamics. Heard this on a SME30/V arm. If price is no object, go for the XV-1s, it IS that good.

3) Lyra Skala
Many have said this is similar to the mighty Titan. I've not heard this yet, but the Titan is one of those carts on my "wishlist" of super carts. Again if $ not a consideration, the Titan is the one to get.
Hey man, that was a great post. With links and all, I am obliged and know that more than a few others will benefit.

I have owned several Dynas, and have enjoyed a few, but never owned a Lyra. That remoinds me that I bought a Benz once from a distributor for Lyra.........
At the Celebration's price, the Zyx R100 Fuji is worth consideration.