Suggestions for a pre w/ direct pass including sub

I currently run a HT/2 channel system with the Audio Refinement Pre2 DSP. While I love the performance of this moderately priced unit, I have had to rig it in order to use the 2 channel with the sub as a seperate input setting. I am looking to purchase something with similiar performance that has the feature of direct bypass WITH the sub included, which this unit cannot do. Again, it would need to be able to run a 5.1 setup for theatre (including DTS), DVD Audio and SACD. As well as 2 channel to include 24/96. Any suggestions of a pre that does all of this well? The rest of the system (if it might help with the suggestion...) is 2 Stan Warren modified Adcom amps, a modified Pioneer Elite universal 47ai, Consonance 120, Denon universal for PAL discs and 5 Reimer speakers (2 Tetons, sub and 3 McColloughs). I would prefer a pre rather than a 'receiver' with tuner that I would never use anyway. Thanks for the suggestions.
A "pre" will not decode any of the digital formats you list. You mean a "pre/pro" or preamp/processor. The least expensive of these that will meet all your functional criteria are the Onkyo 886 or similar Integra 9.9. These are being replaced by newer, more expensive models right now.

Now, if you really mean a "pre" and will do all the decoding in the player(s) or source(s), then you might look at the Parasound P7.

Beyond those, there are many other options but you need to specify a budget for more info.

Thanks Kal - I guess 'pre/pro' would be more specific - you're right.

As far as budget is concerned, I would look at around/under $2,000.00 used here at Audiogon I suppose....

Again, thanks for the help.