Suggestions for a PC on my PS Audio Duet

I have a ATI multi channel amp that I plug directly into a dedicated 20 amp service. I have a Jolida 100 cdp (tubes), ADA prosessor, pioneer Blu-ray that are connected to my PS Audio Duet. What would the people of this forum suggest as a reasonably priced PC. Also any suggestions on a PC on my ATI multi channel which is plugged into an PS Audio Soloist. I listen to jazz on mostly 2 channel. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
use the same brand...the company is coming out with a full line replacement and you can pickup the soon to be discontinued lineup at greatly reduced prices, new or used.
Signal Cable has good bang for the buck power cords
Why not PS Audio
I've tried several power cords on my Quintet.
Got the most musical results from a DCCA Musical Essence.
Not sure if they're still made. But, I got mine on the 'gon for around $200, I think.
PS Audio cords were too dark any muddy for it.
Of course, YMMV. It depends on what's plugged into it.
OK thanks for the advice so far. I'm still collecting info on this matter. I will let everybody know what I decide on
I also recommend using a PS PC with your Duet. I use the PS Lab II PC to connect my Duet to the wall outlet. The new PS cables will undoubtedly be good, but if you want to save some cash, check out some of the older models - like the Lab II PC, or the "xStream" series.
Hi tropical.

My Duet is currently plugged into the wall with a 12 gauge PSA Power Punch. I just bought on-line a used (9/10) PSA 8 gauge X Stream Power Plus awaiting delivery). I wanted a PSA of at least 10 gauge becuase I have my amp plugged into the Duet w/ a 10 gauge Signal.

The "conventional wisdom" is (1) use same brand PC as the conditioiner and (2) the PC from wall to conditioner should be the best one in the system.