Suggested impedance Dynavector 20x & VPI

I've still not be able to figure out this whole cartridge matching thing, I know, I;m slow. I have; the 20x high, VPI Scout with JMW9 arm. BK Pro10 preamp and a Phonomena on the way, so I can play with the settings. The Recommended load Impedance: >1000 ohms. What does that mean? I have the Pro10 in MC mode, but I still have to turn the volume up to roughly 1:00pm. Will me setting the Phomomena to say 2000 ohms allow me to lower the volume? What would your suggestion be? I can set it too; 2000/5000/10000 ohms. Would any of those setting hurt anything? Thanks in advance.
The recommended load impedance is over 1000 ohms according to what you wrote. So just play around with the settings on your Phonomena when it arrives. Per the Phonomena's specs I found, you have several load setting so I suggest you play around with the 660, 1000, and 2000 settings first, but by all means try as many out as you'd like. In my experience, the higher the impedance, the more open the highs become but the bass becomes looser and vice versa.

I don't believe the impedance setting you choose will have any noticeable bearing on the volume. You need to adjust the gain to increase/decrease the overall volume. The Phonomena has several gain settings which should work well with the 20XH. I don't know about the settings in your BK preamp. Maybe there's a way to adjust the gain in the BK. Good luck.
Thanks for the response! So, its the gain that allows the volume to be adjusted. I thought it was the impedance! Great, the phonomena has adjustable gain, so I will also play with that.
You'll probably hear best results using the moving magnet inputs and loading at 47K or higher.

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