suggest valve amplifier for Living Voice speakers

Living Voice IBR-X2 speakers,Resolution Audio Opus CD player ,recommended SET tube amplifiers,Audion,dehavilland,new Audio Frontiers,Viva,J.C.verdier,mastersound,let me know which amp shall give live soundstage , resolving ,delicate music.Has anybody any information on Komura 845 tube amplifiers
Cayin, is the best sound and value out there.
I have heard th Verdier 45, and may know where one will befo sale's a beautiful sounding amp..the other i would try is a shindo.
Buconero. Cayin.....hmmmmm. I know they make some decent sounding push/pull tube amplifiers but I wasn't even aware that Cayin made a set amp.
Perhaps you could elaborate.
>>Cayin, is the best sound and value out there.<<

You forgot "IMO".

The best sound? Hardly
The best value? Your opinion
What about the Audio Note Interstage 300B or the Border Patrol S20 ? Both offer about 20 wpc and use interstage transformers. The AN did very well at RMAF, the BP got a rave from Roy Gregory. Haven't heard them, but would love to.
I have owned both the Komura 845 set amps and Verdier 845 set amps....although not with the LV speakers.
I found both to be excellent and two of my favorite 845 based amps.
My personal nod would be to the Komura....just a bit more dynamic life in the music
can anybody guide me to komura website or dealer
Mehakrishnan,Wow You have good good taste...I like Living Voice a lot and thought that they deserve better amplification than the likes of Cayin[I think cayin is fine if you just want to 'play'with tubes-no disrespect intended,just based on my personal subjective opinion]

My personal listening experience with the Living voice reveled one clear winner:AN Ongaku.Really,they are made for each other.I have also listened to the living voice being driven by Lavardin IT [not SET,but sound infinetely better than the cheaper SETs]quite gloriously.
Live=LEBEN (CS600)
I used both Pass Labs Aleph 30 and Viva Solista SET. 30 watts and 22 respectively, both wonderful, the Viva better, it should be at the price. The Aleph series has a lot of believers with LV speakers and I thought they were a great match.
Be aware, Kevin who designs LV speakers, told me you need about 18watts minimum, even with a SET, to get the best out of the speakers
I have heard a Shindo preamp and power amp make a pair of Living Voice speakers dance. One of the best sounds I have ever heard.
Hi william thanks for your advise on Leben CS 600,i was reading about the amp ON 6MOONS.COM where it was reviewed very much same as you described,have you heard them,i am from India,here the hifi market is very small yet and we have to depend on friends advise and buy the product from abroad
any one hearing Fi amps and can somebody suggest contact for Komura
Hi Mehrakrishan. I own the CS600 and use it currently on my AN/E's. Also used it with the Gallo's 3.1. It's by far the best sounding amp I know of. A few years back I almost bought the Living Voice OBX-R2 so I know the speaker well. Also listened to the IBX R2. ( listened to it with Lavardin amp).I bet the LV's with Leben is a dream team. The Leben makes me enjoy my music so much more then before. It makes me smile every time I put on a record I didn't hear before through the Leben. The Leben has plenty of quality power fot the LV's and there are so many tube flavours you can choose from. Buildquality is superb and working is flawless. Maybe I can give you some more info. Please feel free to send me an email.
any one hearing Fi amps

I havent heard FI with LV but I do own the Fi Super X. 94 dB sensitivity with the LV IBX may be pushing it with the Fi 2A3 amps. However the 300b amps would be worth a consideration. Fi amps don't have a typical valve sound, i.e. they are usually not on the warm side, but rather extremely dynamic, fast and detailed. Even the 300b is supposed to have that fast detailed characteristic more than any other 300b.I think Don's amps and preamp are incredible value - they do compete at a 1/3 of the price with Shindo. For example the Fi Y didn't at all loose out to a Shindo Aurieges. A strong word of caution though: Don's amps and preamps are voiced together and because of their electrical characteristic really only work well together. Shindo preamps are a the only match I found so far and even the then Fi Y still seems at least equal.

I heard the Verdier 45 in a friends system on a pair of La Scala and while it had a lot of midrange magic, it looses a lot in the bass (even compared to other amps) and in dynamics. Hopefully I will be able to try it in my system and give you a better opinion. The 2 Watts of the 45 would certainly not be enough to drive your speakers.

The Shindo Montille should work very well. Also, I did hear the Leben and liked it a lot. The Leben would have a lot more reserve than any of the 3-8W SET amps.