sugg. for phono cables

i have a vpi scout ,acoustech ph1p, clearaudio arum beta s,tube pre,anthem pva 2,studio 100s ,am using signal cable analog2 and audioquest coral now and sound is a bit forward,tryed 2 ac corals and sound was to warm,i need help
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Try the Zu Xaus. I found the cable to be just right.
Ray...I am using Signal Cable's silver IC. I will complete the burn in later today and let you know how they sound to stock copper Ic's.
If you want the best, go with XLO signature phono cables.
Ray...I finished my burn in. I found the Signal cable Siler IC's to be very netural with loads of bass. Previous cables (copper) lent a very too warm sound. I found that the silver is quicker as a phono in. I am as well using 8" signal cables silver from phono out . The only adjustment I found was the amount of db gain as compared to my old listening volume. I found I needed to turn down the volume by about 20%. My recorders of reference were:
1. American Beauty; Greatful Dead
2. Love and Theft; Bob Dylan
3. Fantastic Expadition of Dillard & Clark; Doug Dillard & Gene Clark

Hope it helps
thanks for the input guys,i have 2 pairs of analog 2,and 1 magic power cord that work well elsewhere in my system,but not with phono,hope i didnt sound like i was knocking signal cable as they worked better than $140 IC ,on tuner ,between amp and preamp,