Subwoofer to go with bottlehead system

I am looking for a reasonably priced subwoofer to go with a bottlehead foreplay III and paramour set up. I have a pair of omega ts33 speakers. I gather I can either run a Y cable out of the second outputs to the sub OR go preamp to sub to power amp (if the sub has output rcas). I have quite a small living room so I do not need anything too large, just something to add some extra under kick.

I am getting good performance out of an Earthquake SuperNova MKIV 10" sub mated to my Gallo Ref 3s and Dues. There are two for sale on Audiogon right now for $300 or less - this is a steal...

thank.looks pretty reasonable id say. i can keep these in mind. unfortunately one is already sold and the other is pick up only NYC. good thing Finnair flies direct to NYC from Helsinki... hahha.

Id really like to find one that is a lighter natural wood like maple or birch. i have wife factor to deal with. she already doesnt like the TS33, too big and too pale coloured. she abolutely denies the right to purchase anything with black in it. fortunately speaker mesh can be replaced.....
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If you haven't found anything yet , I use a parts express titanic 10 sealed box sub to great effect with my omega grande 6's. I feed the sub at line level with a y from the analog outputs of a red wine modded sb2...sounds great to me