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I am looking at adding a sub to my 2 channel music system. I am using a B&W Nautilus 804 speaker with MF m3 integrated amp and Linn ikemi cd player. People have told me the Linn sizmik, b&w asw 2500 or mirage subs are good. I don't want something too big but I want nice tight bass, not boomy. I here REL is good but there are no dealers in Toronto.
For use in a music system, there is almost no subwoofer that is a better value, or that offers more musical sound, than the Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofer. I have two of these, and they integrate so seamlessly with the rest of my system it's impossible to tell there are subs playing. You can usually buy used Vandy 2Wq subs for around $800.

About a month ago, I posted a long thread that contained the ratings of subwoofers taken from Widescreen Review magazine's reviews of some 50 subwoofers. I suggest you use the Audiogon search engine to look for this post in the archives.

You should also read the post below which discusses the relative merits of the 2W vs. 2Wq subwoofer.
You can buy a REL mail order. Doesn't have to be through a local dealer. It's also my recommendation to you. Search the archives. There's a lot of info that couldn't be summed up in a paragraph. leo.
i know you people on here get tired of my sub suggestions, but jbl pro just came out with an 18 inch sub with a built in amp , and vairible xover. all for under 1500 . this is the same sub you will find in the best millon dollar theaters. i have the 4719 jbl pro with two 18s in it. it has spin tingling bass. case in point i was at ces last year. in the dts room were 5 grand utopias with halcro amps. two vison one projectors stacked, with two jbl 18 inch subs. why did they choose that with that kind of gear i asked? the reply was we know what the jbls can do, and the best theaters use them. so take it as you will and good luck.
If you're concerned about losing money by buying a sub which you cannot demo and then not liking it then get a used REL. Almost cetainly you'll like it, and in the unlikely event you don't you can resell for the same price. I've also heard many people rave about ACI Titan 2 ... and ACI apparently has a good home demo policy. I have never heard the Vandersteen, but they seem to sell well used, so you could probably do the same as with the REL ... buy and try ... sell if you don't like it.
Kirk may be right: if you are interested in HT set-up. Pl see my thread in Music category under 'Below 20Hz notes....' where my recent purchase of REL subwoofer et-up is discussed. If you are perfectionist, you may need stereo subwoofers for correct imaging. A pair of Strata (or storm III) if budget permits may workout. At least storm III that I have has very very good bass performance bothe for music and HT( just done watching the 'Fast and Furious'- amazingly clear and punchy)However the music set-up is tricky.
Jeffc, I forgot to mention in above post. Call Ambrosia Audio Video in Bel Air 310-440-5522, Adam, they will help you out. Very good prices and customer service. No I am not connected to the store, just a happy customer.

If you are looking for a sub that has tight but not boomy bass, I agree with sdcampbell, on the Vandersteen 2Wq. It blends seamlessly and adds a bottom end that you didn't know your were missing. Vandersteen also make a HT version of the 2Wq called the V2W. It adds a 12" passive radiator for additional punch in movies. As for me, I have both mated to my Magnepan/JM Lab HT/Stereo.
For REL I would suggest to go to and contact with them.
You also may want to audition the Hsu Research Model TN1220HO subwoofer. In recent years these subs have gained quite a good reputation. I have four matched with four MG 3.5-Rs, and the subs blend very well with the speakers, producing clean bass without a boomy earthquake sensation - although that's certainly possible with the TN1220s if you desire it. The TN1220s significantly outperform other box-style subs like Velodyne, and are a much better value.
Don't forget the good ol' boys at M&K.
My ACI Titan II LE is much less placement-critical and more flexible than a Vandersteen 2WQ. The Titan II LE sounds (even less boomy and can play louder) and looks better (IMHOp), in any case. You can buy a Rel that performs similar to a Titan II LE, but you will have to pay 2-3 times more for the Rel (new) in the U.S.A.
see this thread for my input, & that of others:

and, kirk, i'd wager folks are more tired of hearing *my* feelings about subwoofers than yours! ;~)

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