subwoofer IC's, silver or no silver content

I'd like to poll the forum on whether or not they believe the main copper core conductor of an IC (specifically designed for powered subwoofers) should have some % of silver in it. Is it necessary? If so, what is the benefit? One highly reputable & professional expert in high end audio believes that the addition of silver to the main conductor is not necessary for a subwoofer interconnect cable. This is because silver's advantage is in producing improved mids and highs and not low frequencies. He believes a 100% solid copper core is the best cable interconnect for feeding powered subwoofers.

I just upgraded to an Audioquest Sub-A IC which has a 24AWG solid long grain copper core with identical + and - conductors plus a ground wire to boot. It's sounds great as compared to what I was using before. Much less distorted sound and longer smoother low frequencies. Thanks.
I have the Nordost Baseline made to Rel specs. Yes they are silver PLATED solid core copper (6 24awg wires). Honestly I upgraded my standard Rel cable (aluminum) and the difference was unbelievable. Not puncher bass but a more believable bass. A ton more detail. I even had to cross over at a lower freq and turn down the gain just a hair. So does silver have an advantage over just copper? Can't say from experience but silver is more conductive than copper. That being said typically the electron flow is just on the first few microns of the surface of the conductor with the exception of low frequencies. They tend to ride in the center of the conductor. So your professional expert has a good point in theory. Theory does not always make sense in this hobby. Someday I may try a copper cable but for now I couldn't be happier with what I have.

Sorry I didn't answer you question but I just wanted to share what I know from my own experience.
'Silver, no silver' for sub wires I would say does not matter. Silver plating really totally is a high frequency thing. Silver plating is fantastic at Video frequencies, and has effect at audio high frequencies. (sometimes not good!)
The best thing you can say about a silver plated wire is it is not going to tarnish in a 'bad' way(Copper tarnishes and becomes a poor conductor).. (Silver tarnishes in a good way ie: still conducts very well if tarnished))
I would comment about lower frequencies being deep. They ride on top too.. just the effective electrical wave goes deeper into the surface. (this is still not the right terminology, but closer to what is happening)
After experimenting quite a bit, I am convinced that silver, whether in the IC or the speaker cable, can help. The two things I have consistently noticed is 1) improved bass speed, and 2) improved musicality. Of course, including silver alone in a cable isn't all there is to making a cable that works well. I've had at least one (very expensive) silver cable I thought was horrible; but I do think in general silver is under-appreciated for what it can do for bass quality.

I just posted a thread ("A Great Subwoofer Cable") relating some of my experiences, check it out.