Subwoofer choices under 1K . NHT, Def, SVS

Making a plunge into HT, but probably will use my system 50% for music.

Need help with a sub selection..any ideas welcome

I have a big den, over 3000 cubic ft, with NHT 1.5's as the fronts (AC-1 center). Got em on closeout, great but no bass.


* NHT SubTwo (b-stock or closeout)....est 700
* SVS (probably the 25-31)....550
* Def Tech's Supercube 1 (pricey)...1100K.

I'm sure there are other choices out there, but wanted to get input. I want decent HT performance, music isn't the only use, but I don't want boom-boom-boom.
Set up will be the most critical factor for not getting "boom, boom, boom" for you. Bass is the most placement critical factor for speaker placement. The best subs in the world will sound boomy and one-notey, with little definition, and have other challenges or shorcommings without proper set up, placement, and calibration(phase, level, coherence, EQ(?), etc) Get that right and you'll be amazed at the sound quality!!
However, the sub itself being almost half the sound itself(the room, set up, etc, being the rest), you need a good choice for your room size, yes.
My suggestion would be between the M&K MX series subs(probably MX200 or above for your room), or the Earthquake MKIV 12" 580 watt sub!(yeah, it sounds boomy, but it's not). The M&K"s are widely used by pro studio's(including Lucas film THX), they're VERY MUSICAL AND ACCURATE SOUNDING, and are very efficient and quick designs. The Earthquakes have a bit more "growl" to them, but are also tight and musical. Infact, the 15" version was rated Jan 2003's Stereophile Guide to HT's "sub of the year" award!(see review).
I've used a lot of subs over the years, and for the money, for your purposes, you'll not really do much better.
Good luck
Wanted to ask Foreverhifi2000 if you have had any experience with the Vandersteen sub and how it compares to the M & K since is also close to $1000-thanks
I am very pleased with my SVS in my HT setup. No BOOM BOOM but solid controlled BAM.

Can't beat them for anywhere near the price. IMHO

Standard disclaimers apply.
Boston PV1000 lists for $1200, but can be easily bought under $1k. A real Velodyne HGS-clone for 1/2 price! And BEAUTIFUL, too.
Thanks foreverhifi.

Got me a SubTwo i, via ebay. Working on calibration....
vmps large-
Go to makes a driver called the "Tumult".I bought two because firt off I'm the biggest sceptic in the world and second I had two seperate killer enclosures on hand for a project.Adds can say what they want but when you plunk down the bucks I want bass.I installed one 15" inch driver in a 2.5 cu. ft. sealed enclosure and the other 15" in another sealed enclosure.Stuffed them with some owens-corning and screwed them in hoping for the best.Fed them with a pair of bridged mono Adcom GFA 555mkII's ( of course used on the "gon" ).
I've been hometheatering for about eighteen years.Since surround sound had no center ch.I have owned noless than ten subs,looking for the holygrail.Oh, boy. These things will shake your soul, period.I fear for my ears and floor joists.
Lets start with Harry Potter.The Womping Willow scene will bottom out the best sub.Not mine.That tree smashs the heck out of the car and my subs never even crack.How about The Fifth Element.OK the whole movie ROCKS,ROCKS,ROCKS.U2 rattle and Hum ROCKROCKROCK.Ice Age,when that poor sqirrle cracks the world, you do too.I can't say enough.Good luck.