Subtitution for AVVT 302b?

Anyone know what I can use to substitute for the AVVT 302b.
I have a Vaic 300b SE integrated with these tubes and am looking for a replacement. The manual says any 300b will work but may require adjustment. has info but the tech specs, specifically the plate current, filament voltage and filament current numbers are so much higher than for any 300b I've looked at that I'm afraid I will just kill the tube turning on the amp.
I have to admit that I don't understand much of this anyway so any help into a good primer on the subject would also be appreciated. The only specific mention of a replacement is the Emission Labs 320B-XLS but at 360+ euros plus all the extra import charges.....

Any help or experince with the tube in mention or better yet the amp is very appreciated. Can't find much on AudioAsylum either or else I don't know where to look.

Hi Stuart.
Try calling Bob Ungemach at 262-827-0321. He is the American distributor for Emission Labs. He has them in stock, and has knowledge about what will work with them.

I haven't tried their 300B replacements, but their 45 tubes are the best.