Sub - Revel Sub 30/Velodyne DD-15/JMLab Utopia Sub

Trying to decide on a subwoofer between:
Revel SUB 30
Velodyne DD-15/18
JMLab Utopia Sub

Current system:
JMLab Mini-Utopia
Pioneer PD-65 CD Player
Conrad Johnson PFR pre-amp
Bryston 3B-ST amp

Room size: 12x20x9

Any input will be appreciated!
The DD-15 has been in my systems for a couple years now. I have no thoughts of upgrading to a DD-18 or any other brand. The volume is set at 7 or 8 at the most. It just continues to amaze me with sound that comes out of it. The new Auto EQ makes it even better. Last week I picked up The Who "Who's Next". The bass on that record is fantastic,never heard it like that before.

A friend who works at a high end store is not impressed with the Velodyne for two channel, but loves them for home theater. I really enjoy what the Sub 30 did for my system.