Sub for Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage

I'm thinking of getting a Sub to complement my SF Guarneri just for music (not movies);
At the moment i have a Audio aero capitole cdp+pre which feeds a Pass Aleph 3. I'm also planning to substitute the Pass with a couple of 300B monoblocks at some moment.
I have a few doubts and wonder if you could help:
- is it worth it to have a Sub for just music?
- can i just drive sub from preamp output and do any filtering on sub (or would i need special processor)?
- any product suggestions?
I use REL and you can drive them either off preamp outputs or off the power outputs of the amp. Both REL and I think that is the better way. This way you are not running your signal through any additional circuitry; you will get exactly the same sound you have now plus the bass will be filled in. You can still run the signal through the subs and out to the main amps if you want, some like it better as it allows you to roll off the main speakers, I prefer the other way myself. The only problem with using the power output would be if you go to mono amps and place them next to the speakers, you would have to get a custom cable made up. You will be surprised at how much the bass adds even to music that is not suppose to have a great deal of low bass.
Thanks for your answer, but didn't quite understand which is the best way you recommend: preamp vs amp outputs. Cheers,
Amp output is what REL recommends and I use, but if you use mono amps widely separated you will not be able to use the standard cable.
You should take a look and a listen to the Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator (sub) It can mate with virtually any speakers very fast.
The Wilson Benesch is the only powered sub I've ever heard that sounded organic, like music does.
I did use a Whise 319A sub (Australian) with my Guarneri's and it mated extremely well. It is a large beast, but highly musical. I did try the Rel but preffered the Whise which could keep up with it.

Also during that period the Wilson Benesch was not around, but I would certainly see that as a good option, reading all the reports.


Thank you all for the help; Wilson Benesch must be the best, the problem is that it's outside my budget...
I finally went for a sonus faber gravis which I got with huge discount and am waiting to arrive and will connect through amp outputs; dealer gives me possibility that if doesn't fit my guarneri i can change for a REL Britannia R3 (for $500 more).
Thanks again,