Sub for Paradigm Studio 40 v4

I want something to just hit the bottom notes. 100% music, no h/t whatsoever. I had an SVS PB 12 NSD, but it was just physically too big for my listening area which is in a loft, so I have a lot of volume, but not a lot of floor space. I Have a budget of $700.00 (I know...laughable to most). I have looked hard at the SVS SB12NSD but I found a Paradigm Ultracube 12 that was a demo for a bit less. Any advice is appreciated...Thanks!
I had the SVS SB-1000 and it was real nice! It has a smaller footprint than the 12NSD and you can't beat the price! It is great for music only systems,real tight bass no boom!
Either sub you mentioned is fine, the trick will be how you'll wire it into your system. If your gear will allow high passing the 40's that would be my suggestion. So pick a sub with high-passed outputs.
Thanks Bob.... I have seen many of your posts and value your opinion. I believe the SVS has that capability .... not so sure about the paradigm . I'll check into it.
I used an SVS SB12 Plus several years ago in my office system and used its builtin high pass filter. it worked well for me. Speakers were KRK VXT6 active monitors. I chose that sub at the time for its balanced connections and I became a big fan of SVS.

Paradigm has been making excellent subs (and speakers) for a very long time. They used to sell a simple 2-channel bass management controller, but I think it's been discontinued. Looking at the Ultracube 12, I don't see high-pass outputs mentioned. It also seems a little light weight for the list price. It will accept their room mode correction package.
Thanks again Bob. I thnk I will go with the SVS, but I'm contemplating 2 of the sb1000 instead of 1 sb12 nsd... Decisions decisions. My music is mostly all kinds of rock and alternative with a little acoustical thrown. Nothing that really hits super low anyway.