Streaming Audio - Yamaha WXC-50

Can't find much about this little guy. I have recently got into the audio game ( 2 ch listening )

Equipement as follows for 2ch
ML Motion 60XT's - Bi amped though B&K Reference s2 125x7 
Sony STR-ZA3100ES -AVR

I was using a basic 4k Apple TV, but realized these things suck for audio, so started looking at other options. Bluesound has lots of hype, but seems there are some other streaming dac's that have better value, the Yamaha being one of them. Bluesound doesn't support airplay, but does support MQA. Yamaha supports Airplay, but no MQA.

Most of my music right now is on Apple Music ( streaming ). I also have a tidal subscription, I have zero of my own hifi files at the moment, not to say I might not add some down the line.

The real question is given the current setup what would be the best Streamer / DAC combo, separate or combined under the ~1000 price point.

Cambridge Audio CXN v2 looks interesting as well, but not sure if its worth a 2x+ price point over the Yamaha. 


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The Yamaha looks very good! No real experience with it but I am a Bluesound Node 2 owner and luv it. Also Sony is in the game. I went with Bluesound cause I heard the customer support was great along with the sound. They help you with setup until you are exactly where you want to be. Big fan of NAD and Bluesound. If you go with a Node 2 and something like an Ayre Codex as external DAC later, you have a killer sounding system. IMHO.
looks like a helluva product for $349--full preamp/dac functions + wifi streaming. will look out for reviews.
I am pretty impressed with this little unit, but unfortunately the "audio quest" always leaves you wondering if there is more on the table... thats the dangerous side of it. 

I was thinking of hooking up a better DAC to it, the only downside I can see is no MQA support.