Stream xmradio from PC to Preamp

I listen to xmradio on my pc regularly. I wonder if there is way to stream xmradio to my analog two-channel preamp. I already have Airport Express streaming using itunes from pc to preamp, but not xmradio. Any thoughts on how to go about my dllemma? I do not want to use an xm radio tuner.
not sure about the airport route but you could use a digital to audio converter. use a usb out from the pc to input on dac. then rcas to aux input on the preamp. there are some affordable routes here. i have a hrt musicstreamer that does a great job for around 100 dollars. or you can spend as much as you want to get a better dac accordimg to your system.
I am pretty sure that there are apps for Logitech Transporter and duet (not sure about SB and Touch) for XM and Sirius.