Straightwire maestro vs. Analysis plus 9

Hi folks, wonder if anyone has had the opportunity to a/b Straightwire maestro and A+ oval-9,speaker wires. I am using Maestro in 10 ft. single runs now.System- Aerial 10t's,Spectron amp,McCormack Signature cd player direct into amp,Ht silway MKII or granite audio pure silver 1m. rca ic's. Wonder if A+ is worth switching to and what benifits if any would I reap. {Also using Silver Audio jumpers on 10t's}--Thanks, clearsound
Call me (Oliver) at 973-812-6717 to discuss your system and Analysis Plus wire. Also visit my site and view customer comments on AP wire. Also lists some customer reviews of the wire. You can see what they say about it. It is a pretty special company.
Aerial 10T's? the wire nornally used with those speakers is Transparent Ultra or MIT MH770 about $2000 pair. The cable you are using is just wasting the speaker performance. Those speakers require hi-energy to sound their best. Networked cables provide this extra energy.
Why would networked speaker cables provide extra energy,shouldn't that come from the amp?The st.maestro is 10 gauge and should not, I hope, be adding too much resistance. I cannot afford 2000$ cables, even used. That is why I am asking about other options in affordable wire that might better mine,such as A+? Thanks!
As in your other thread, I will be posting a thread describing my experience with those 6 different speaker cables in my system. My small Maggies require about 400 watts per channel to get cooking, so I'm dealing with high current demands also. I've tried Transparent cables and have heard them in other systems, and have newver liked them. I do love MIT, however, and feel that you should definitely try the Terminator 2 or 3 speaker cables. For the other cables I'll be comparing, I refer you to your other thread.