Storage for Speaker.....One Year

I need to move out of my loft for one year. The place that I'm moving to cannot accomodate my speakers.

Can speakers be wrapped in blankets then put inside of an oversized plastic bag in Southern California in one of those drive up storage bins (Storage USA)with roll-up doors to the outside?

I have a friend in Southern Cal who says that I can store them in his garage. The reason that I mention the locale is that we don't get the freezing temperatures of the northeast US.

It will be two pair of Infinity Kappa 9 speakers.

Your help and comments will be appreciated.

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I strongly reccomment against using those storage places. They are not known as person property redistribution centers for no reason.

I think they would be better off in yer buddy's garage, especially if you have the origional boxes.
I would recommend you wrapping the speakers in a foam wrap and then wrapping with a film and then putting them in oversized plastic bags. This should keep moisture and unwanted "friends" out.
Find a friend who will use them. Get them hooked on the habit.
If you can wrap them in plastic and set them on something about 8" high with steel legs to keep the furry long tailed citters from making condos out of them. The storage units you speak of should be fine I stored my Kappa 7's for about 7 months while my house was being built and no problems. But I did see plenty of "evidence" of mice in the storage unit.
I like Luc's suggestion. Doing this keeps your speakers broken-in while hopefully creating a new addict to audio. In addition, you'll be perceived as a generous person.
This hobby needs new members.
If we had any idea how speakers were stored and shipped before purchase, you would probably put them on the front lawn with a flower pot on top and leave it at that. If you saw some of the basements at certain retailers, you would welcome the mice since they weigh much less than the rats!
Seriously, I stored my Guarneri Homage speakers in their original crate in a temperature and humidity controlled storage facility with my tubed gear for about 6 months and everything was fine a few years ago.
Luc and Gaudio, Your suggestion was the first thing that came to my mind before I even posted the thread. All of my married friends' wives won't have them in the living room or they have young kids or a pet that has the run of the house. I know how the kid thing works, when my son was four yrs old, he kicked in one of the woofers just because the speaker resembled a punching bag to him. They are just too big for a small room. I don't trust them with my single friends....not responsible enough. The guy that will let me use his garage is getting the use of a pair of gorgeous Infinity Rennaisance 90 speakers that I also own, along with a pair of monoblocs and the Sunfire Theatre Grand II...he'll be well taken care of. The Kappa 9's overpower their living room and they make his wife cringe....the Ren 90's make a much better visual presentation. I am taking my Kappa 7's with me.