Stoned Plinth

Has anyone heard about soapstone plinths for turntables? I have been reading a lot regarding slate plinths and I am wondering if soapstone is as good at damping.
I recently replaced my PolyCrystal shelf with a very thick and solid soapstone slab. It worked out very well.

Not quite the same as a turntable plinth of course, but soapstone has some nice qualities. Silent Running use soapstone for the shelves on their very expensive CraZ rack.

Metralla, looks beautiful. What does something like that cost, and where did you get it? ( if you ddont mind my asking...)
That stand looks nice with that slab on it.
Granite has long been standard for inspection tables where precision surface and vibration isolation is required. I have no doubt that other stones have properties desired for audio applications. My defunct TT prodject was to use a granite plinth. You might find a local granite counter-top shop that can hook you up inexpensively. They throw away tons of scrap that can be used, and often they will cut and polish cheap.
It is likely that Soapstone is denser and will ring less than granite would, and thereby make for a better plinth. I used Corian for my TT because of it's propensity to be well damped not ring at all. Here's a pic.
I have slate plinth 8cm. thick under the TW Acustic Raven One and I found it perfect.