Still need help for CD PLAYER .. please

I've had so many different suggestions that i can't do nothing with them..

please LIST HERE all the GOOD to excellent CD PLAYER that can be get for under 500$ USD right now..

so that way i could have a good research list, cause right now i'm lost in the multitude of cd player manufacturers..
that's why i need to know wich to look for and try, and wich not to loose my time on! :)

By the way, i tend to be really picky about sound quality, that's what i think i would be better with a ~1000$ at new value player that could be bought for 500$ or less in used but great conditoin :)

( current system is rather simple consisting of 2 Mirage OM-10 powered by and old ( but warm) AKAI receiver that will be changed for something newer ASAP ..

I don't wanna pay 1000$ for a cdplayer cause all the formats are currently evolving and i don't wanna invest into something that will not be of good use in the near future :)

THANK YOU ALL for your time..

with a receiver, i doubt you could hear the differences between (most) CD players anyway. but...for you budget, you might find a good used adcom/nad/rotel? can't say which of their models are better than others.
Look for a Cal Ikon, Rega Planet 2000, Arcam Alpha 8se or Alpha 9se (this great player is sometimes sold used very cheap 500-700 even though it cost over $1500 new). Otherwise you could get a good new player from Cambridge Audio. there is also a player with a name like Ah! Njobe that upscale audio sells and many people love for the money.
I second the CAL Ikon. Could be had for less than $500 and you could begin saving for an integrated amp.
You will reciever or not hear the diff between a good or bad cd player.The Ah is a good choice.
S2k_dude : this receiver is temp as i didn't have anything else better sounding :p
it'll be replace soon with something like a small classe amp or a simiplar cost tube amp ..i want a still decent cd player cause i'll see a diff when i'll upgrade amp that's for sure!

Between S2k : ?? honda S2k ? nice car if that's reason ur nick :) hehe , me got lude 2k :)
do you race it ?

thanks for the input guys :)
i drive an '01 s2000 (silver/red)...and i race it pretty often: autox, prosolo, & track (road course). 5G preludes are sweet too.

sorry i can't be help with cd players (i have a 508.24). good luck.
I was in same boat as you before-

following are some good ones

used Audio Refinement Complete CD, Rega Planet 2000, Arcam CD72, Ah! Tjoeb4000 to name a few.

I'd also recommend a good/cheap DVD player like Pioneer 343(frm ebay) and get it modded by Dan Wright-the total should be $500ish.

Good luck!
a third on the Cal Icon and Rega Planet
and these can be used as transports when you upgrade to a better dac

I would look for an original Rega Planet (not 2000 edition) They are now going for under $500. Very nice machine even at the original $795 price.
For upside potential, consider the Sony SCD-C333ES. Recently discontinued, it can be found for $500, versus list $1200. After a long burn-in, it sounds very good on standard CDs and excellent on SACDs. It is a high resolution device that will fit with upgraded electronics.
Listen to the Psychic...

I can't tell you what to buy--you'll have to ask Miss Cleo for that! However, I can tell you what I did for ~$500:

Cambridge D300SE as transport ($224)
Absolute Power Cord ($40)
Ikea remnant board ($3.50)
Used Mappleshade Triple Point Cones ($65)
Ikea 2" thick cutting board ($19.99)
Sound Quest Isol Pads ($16.50)
Phoenix Gold digital cable, 2m ($50)
Soundstream/Krell DAC-1 w/outboard power supply ($175)
Phoenix Gold interconnects ($55).
Tiptoes, another Ikea remnant board as platform for the DAC
and four vibrapods underneath.

The sound is clear and detailed; hard to beat for the money. The Soundstream/Krell DAC-1 is on Dutch auction right now...

Not bad, eh?
That's a nice setup!!! :)

is worth it to get an outboard DAC ?
i mean..150$ for a DAC ..will it be as good as a 6-700$ all in CD player ?
better ?

ehhe how to know what is good and waht is not good on a cd player ??

i mean it better to get a cheaper transport and upgrade it all ? or get a complete higher priced CD ?

thanks again ..
I'll sell you my awfully good original Rotel 855 with the heavy transport and recent factory mod of new analogue stage and motor, for $250; prefer you add the Neuance Alpha I mated to it for another $80.
Don't know if I'm breaking a rule here, but I couldn't find a more pleasing CDP than this for under $1500. Had to buy an EMC-1 MkII to finally better it. Lemme know. Ern
Outboard DAC will almost always be better. In my particular case, I am also getting the analog output amplification designed by Krell, double sided circuit board and made in USA w/an out board transformer (Chinese made). The DAC sounds like a Krell! Deep, tight bass, visceral horn sections, vocals float w/out tube euphonics. So, I am essentially getting a Krell preamp, too!

My under $1000 analog rig will get totally setup soon...will put the European glass and particle board TTs to shame!