Stereophile Issue Vol. XIII no. 2 - copy required

Does anyone have a copy of this magazine, and would they be able to make a copy of the review of the Proceed PCD CD Player for me?


If you search the Stereophile website, you find the review there.
Please tell me which month/year is that?I might have it.Seen your other post as well.Seems that you really like to read it.I hope I can help
I should have one if not two copies of this issue. Let me check when I get home. Are you looking for a copy you can keep?
i can make you a copy - $5
that last response was a joke, btw.
Hi folks

Thanks for the great response to my post.

I’ve checked with the Stereophile web master and that review is definitely not online

The issue number of Vol. XIII no. 2 is taken from the Stereophile master list (which is on their site) – I think its Jan 1990 or possibly one month either side.

I don’t necessarily need a copy of the article – I’d just like to read it – so a scanned or copied pdf of the review pages by email would be fantastic if anyone can help!

I also own one and would be interested in the Stereophile review as well. Can you email it to me if you finally found a copy.