step up transformer on cd player

hi all, i have a chance to grab a california audio labs icon mkII not powerboss for $100. however it is a 220v unit. i have no experience with step up transoformers.

the local electronic supply store has a cheap step up transformer for $25. it is rated 40w-50w. this should be enough to run the cd player as i think the back of the cd player says 14watts.

my question is can anyone tell me if the step up transformer will affect the sound quality? also, will i be able to plug the step up transformer into the back of my ps audio power plant premier without any problems?

thanks for your help
Since the step up draws 110 from the PPP I don't see why it shouldn't work; I have a PPP myself. The only way to tell if the transformer effects sound quality would be to play it direct from 220 and then through the transformer from 110. I would think that if the stepup was decent quality you would have no problems but ?
there are differences with the step ups and the sound....generally go for more as 10X the source requirement....the bigger the better, but do not overdue it. It will actually 'IMPROVE' the sound of the player....
I recommend Philmore voltage converter if you can find one; I have had good experience with them both here and overseas.
A 100 watt one should be less than $30
thanks everyone,

prcinka, could you elaborate on the 10x as much as the source but not overdue it. lets say the cd player is 20w. 200w is good but what would you say is too high?.

what is it damaging if you go to high?
I think the max will be 500W transformer for the CD is a bit more complex in real world as the quality of the power supply section of the player will be the key for the integration of the step-up/down.....but you can for sure you is it safely.

Do you have a good technician nearby that you trust? If so, I suggest you bring the CD player to him to check out. Many units have their internal transformers with tabs for 110 and 220V. It might be as easy as switching tabs internally. I know I had this done for $50 on Rotel and McIntosh equipment. Then you would avoid the step up transformer altogether.

My to cents, from another angle.
I think any transformer MAY effect the sound. I was using a Furman AR-16 voltage regulator (which uses a variable torroidal transformer to regulate voltage) on my Cambridge Audio 840c and I noticed a considerable amount of high end "fuzz" and other distortion in one channel. Went away completely when I removed the Furman.

Best bet is to see if you can alter the voltages via taps on the transformer within the unit (as has been suggested).
step up/down transformer is not power conditioner.....or voltage regulator.....