Step Up Transformer 100v

I saw on another thread that Sanyo and Nissyo step up transformers had been suggested for use in Japan. I wondered if anyone could say a lttle more? Does a step up transformer affect SQ? Are there any other units or solutions for 115v to 100v people would recommend? Thanks very much!
Yes, I have constructed a D.I.Y. power transformer that can be configured as a step up or step down transformer for my audio system. It can put out 104, 110 or 120 volts. As a bonus, it can also be wired to put out balanced power which makes a great sonic improvement to your system. When in the balanced mode, it can run up to a 9 amp load, and in unbalanced about 18 amps. I was first using it on an older tube amp to step down my wall voltage to 110 volts for the amplifier. I am now using it for standard 120 as a balanced transformer for my front-end. It is also quite affordable compared to other audiophile balanced power conditioners. I can fill you in more on the details if needed.
Thanks for the reply. I would like further details but I think I'm looking for something simpler. Maybe this unit will be good for my purposes:^EHU600^^

The Electro-Harmonix EHU600 is the only step up transformer I have come across with a three pin socket for earth. Thanks!
The EHU600 is limited to 600W. Find the maximum draw of what you want to plug into that and double it. 600W is small for an amp. unless it's a flea watt.

I think BigShutterBug is referring to these:

And this is an enclosure that can fit up to the 2KVA model.
OK, thank you for the links. My amp - NaimUniti - is only rated at 50w. This could change in the near future to 80w. But I think the EHU600 is suitable for these ratings? Thanks!
Max power consumption for that Naim is rated as 350W but, being class B, it'll want that faster than you can say ,"Now!", to recharge capacitors.
Someone at Naim told me I'd need a 500v step up transformer, so I thought I'd be OK with the EHU600. Am I wrong, however?
Multi input voltage transformer made by SWALLOW Company.
These Transformers are made in Japan.
SWALLOW SU-2000 (2000 WATTS)
SWALLOW SU-1500 (1500 WATTS)
These transformers have three pin socket for earth.
Bigger transformers have a lower impedance, thus less likely to create distortion at higher draw. The downside is that bigger transformers will have a higher "idle" current and will cost you to run.

At 16 Kg for the 2000W Swallow, that looks more like a "converter" or autotransformer, which offers no isolation and noise reduction. They are quite efficient and do the job.
Not sure of these step up/down transformers will do it for you. I am using a 2000 watt transformer here in the US with my Swiss made coffee machine and it is awesome. I also plan on using a 1500 watt for myGerman built 230 volt audio equipment.

When it is on and at idlde with no current source on or in use, the 2000 watt transformer only used 6 watts as measured with my power usage meter. When the coffee machine was making coffee or when it initially turned on, it surged up to 1450 watts. This transformer is also very quiet. I was stationed in Germany for many years and I used many a stepdown transformer for US made equipment. I can tell you from experience, this is really a quiet transformer. I only hope it will work for you.

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Thanks again for the replies. The Swallow transformer looks very good but it's pretty heavy and expensive. I have found another one, however. It's supposed to be made for audio, runs quiet I am told, and is rated at 1500v. Here's the link:

It's made by Noguchi Transformers. Its pretty expensive at 20,000 yen. Thanks!
Hello again Nagoya;
Just checking back with you to see if you have purchased a transformer for yourself yet. I have 2 of the Signal DU-2's I mentioned available for a great deal if you are still considering one. They are quite heavy at 56lbs each, but sound great when wired balanced, and can easily be wired to step up or down your voltage as well. I have one that is wired already in a custom box, with an outlet and power cord. The other is just a brand new DU-2, un-used. Let me know if you are interested.
Hello, thank you very much for the offer. I don't have a transformer yet but in the next week or so I going to visit Noguchi transformers in Akihabara. I think they do an audio specific step up trans. I'll let you know if it doesn't work out. But I think 56lbs would be very expensive to ship. Apologies for the delayed reply but I couldn't login recently. Thanks!
I did buy a Noguchi transformer. It's specifically for audio, so it's very quiet and works well. It's rated at 1500v, so it can easily cope with my 50w amp. Thanks!

I have been trying to get in touch with Noguchi but there is no email on their website....Is it possible for you to share any email id where I can get in touch with them?

I have a Japanese made Luxman (100V) and am using it in India (230V) and am not happy with my locally made transformer...

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