Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Man, who is ready for this kick butt Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?!

Lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, so I am a little excited about this next Transformer movie. HA HA HA

Anyone else is a big fan of the movie?

I am hoping the movie theaters will play the movie in the latest sound format and play it LOUD enough to shake the whole theater. HA HA HA
Dude, Sanka tastes just like the real thing...
The Terminator Salvation looks like another thrill ride as well!!!!!!
I liked the first movie, so I am mildly excited to see it.

On the other hand, I am more than mildly excited to see more of Megan Fox!

For blockbuster action movies like this you must see it and hear it in an IMAX theater.......otherwise, it just doesn't count.
'drag me to hell', Sam Raimi's return to 'evil-dead-roller- coaster form' as well.
"Terminator Salvation" - I saw the trailer last night. Oh, pleeeze somebody get us out of the PG-13 purgatory that all recent Hollywood big-budget action movies seem to be stuck in.

Give me the menacing R-rated Terminator originals any day!
I believe rating PG-13 is all abot marketing. That way, they will make more money. You are cover a lot of people when rating PG-13.

Especially at this kind of economy, they will need all the people they can get to see this movie.
I am surprise they don't make all PG-13 movies to PG-7. HA HA HA
fun and neat movies and Megan Fox - HO YEAH!
ill be making the trip to the pittsburgh area to see this at the imax theater for 9 year old son has already made me promise to take him to the imax and not our local cinemark theater for this one
Mikeys.....congrats to you and your son. There is no other way to see it. The robots will actually be six stories tall and and a sound system that will rattle your son's bones, that's an immersive experience he'll never forget.

I'm taking my 12 year-old to the IMAX to see it.
I have never been to the IMAX theater before. I did not know there was such a huge difference in the screen size and sound quality of IMAX theater. I must check it out with the new Transformers.
Take a look at this article on IMAX theaters:

Apparently, not all IMAX theaters are what it semms to be.
Yikes!!! What a RIPOFF!!

At the bottom of the article in Mantaraydesign's link, they post a link that takes you to a site with a location list that distinguishes the real from the fake IMAX theaters. It seems that if you've never been to an IMAX theater before, you should use the list as a reference to make sure you're going to get the real thing. I checked the list for the theaters here in the Los Angeles area and fully half of them are of the fake variety. I never knew these fake things existed until this thread began. I've been to three different IMAX theaters and all of them were the genuine article. I know I'd be pretty upset if I were duped like the guy in the article.

....let the buyer beware.......or be educated.
I remember seeing "To Fly" in the IMAX theater at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio back in the early '80's. That was my first IMAX experience and I certainly will never forget it! Definitely the real deal!
I saw "To Fly" in my first IMAX experience also. You actually got the sensation of falling and flying. I took all of my kids to see it too to freak them out......they never forgot the experience.