STAX SR-007A mk2 with SRM007tII or SRM600 ?

Dear reader,

Has anyone some experience with the combination of the SR-007A(mk2)'earspeakers' with the SRM-007tII or the recent SRM600 limited?

Which would pair the best or are there better alternatives?
Well the first decision there is whether to put a tube in the amp or go SS.

I have only heard SS on the phones (the lesser sr 404 model) and of course it sounds great. It's Stax.

On the loudspeaker in the livingroom, some tubes made a big positive difference.

(all this imho) It is probably a pretty binary thing, whether you prefer tube or SS. Then you can decide further based on some other parameter, but if you prefer either of tube or ss over the other, then the rest of the factors combined will not make up that difference.

No matter which one you pick, they will both sound great, for sure.