Stax ear pads

I have a pair of Stax 404s. The pads have started to move. I can slide them back into place, but after a few days of non use they seem to move again. I was thinking of buying a new set of pads for $70 from Japan, but the pads are still in good shape. Does anyone know of a good adhesive to use? Does anyone have any experience with replacing pads? Thanks!
Audio Cubes II has original replacement earpads for the SR404 for $40 + $17 shipping to the USA:,_Lambda,_Nova_Signature.html

I purchased replacement earpads for my 1980's Stax Lambda Pro's from them last year, which worked out very nicely. In my case I never had any slippage with either the old or the new pads, though. I replaced them because the foam that covers the electrostatic element was deteriorating. (The foam pieces are included with the earpads, at least in the case of the Lambda Pros).

-- Al