Standard Def PQ On Current Panasonic Plasmas?

I was thinking of buying the Current Panasonic 42" Plasma.
How does the standard Def Picture Quality Look on this 42"
Screen (Cable, Sattelite, Laser Disc)?. I was also considering the Sony KV-34XBR 970 CRT but would like to go with the 42" Plasma Screen for the larger screen home theater affect. Anyone own these or the Current 50" Vizio
Plasma and could you comment on the Standard Def PQ.
Thanks in Advance!!

I can tell you that I was completely pleased and a bit shocked at the quality of the standard def picture on my 50". That said, very old programing can look a bit fuzzy, but, come to think of it, it looked no better on my Sony CRT. My source is digital... DirecTV.
I have a 6th generation 50 in. Panny and I can tell you that SD TV (analog cable) is only passible, BUT, BUT, BUT w/ even standard 480P DVD - the picture is GREAT.

From what I remember w/ Digital cable when I did have it, the picture was not bad at all - very passible.

42 inches should be no problem at all.
I too have last years 50inch and was very surprised at how good the standard def pq. And on HD its phenominal, source is Dishnetwork.
I just last week upgraded a Philips 50" to the Panasonic 50" PX6U.

Picture quality of the Panny is noticeably better than the Philips (especially the day I hooked up the Panny after having the Philips for less than a month before it totally died! UGH!)

I don't currently have HD/Digital cable (boo Comcast), but the DVD picture is nice.

Two things:

1: CRT has a better picture quality for both SD and HD!

2: If at all possible, buy your Plasma TV or LCD TV at Costco! 100% customer satisfaction survey that never expires! If you are no longer satisfied with your TV, even in five years, or especially if something ever, ever, ever goes wrong, just take it back with the receipt and get a full refund!!!! No questions asked. This is why they don't even bother to offer extended warranties at Costco.

No, I don't work for Costco.