Squeezebox Server work with latest Apple OS?

Have any of you tried the Logitech Media Server (LMS, alias Squeezebox Server) with the latest version of the Apple MacInsosh operating system 10.8 ("Mountain Lion")?

Does it work at all? Is it clean or somewhat buggy?

I am only using it on a Mac to drive music from iTunes to Squeezebox Touch.

Thank you!
I just upgraded to Mountain Lion last week and the switch was seemless. I'm also using Squeezbox Server->iTunes->Squeezebox 3 with Bolder mods.
Can't say the same for my older version of Office or Print Shop. : (
I am using this server with mountain lion with no issues.
Thanks for the feedback. I did find some forums suggesting problems w Mac sleep. There is a beta version of server now to address that. See