Splitting up HT and 2 Channel systems

I've been going back and forth about splitting my hybrid setup into HT and 2 channel, in different rooms. I use a seperate pre/pro for HT (Sunfire TGII) and pre for 2 channel (ARC SP9 MKII). The two setups are in the same room, only thing in common is the amp and the front speakers. I would like to get the RPTV out of the room and into the family room. In doing so - I would move the current rear speakers (Magnepan MMG) to the new HT setup as fronts, augmented by a sub. I have a very adequate 5.1 reciever that could work for HT, as I am 80/20 music to HT.
I have used the Sunfire CG Signature amp to drive my ARC pre and the TGII for HT. I am thinking of selling off the Sunfire gear (which I love, don't get me wrong), and use the money to put in a HQ 2 channel amp to drive my 2 channel room, and use the reciever to drive my HT system. It seems to me that it will do a fine job of powering the MMG's augmented by a Sunfire Super junior sub. Looking for caveats, advice from those who have done it, logistics, and 2 channel amp advice for driving my Magnepan MGIIIA's
Sounds like a good idea. Do it and if you're not happy, then put it back or modify the portion you're not happy with. I have a combo system with a throughput also. Just having the RPTV out of the room seemed to help tremendously. The audio gear linked shouldn't be altering the sound of the two channel too much. Only the sources that are routed through multiple preamps (theater sources) should have any degradation. This is assuming the video gear isn't polluting your audio AC ins.