Need thoughts on splitting CD's output signal

Hi, All,

I have a mod'd Pioneer universal player, with a single pair of stereo outs. I run it to my integrated amp.

I got a new headphone amp, RCA's in. Right now, I'm running them through the tape line out from my integrated. I would guess this isn't the best solution....

Here are my thoughts on options:

1) Y-adapters - I think the unit has enough output power to do this, and this could be tried easily enough.

2) "Reverse" splitter - one set of RCA's in, 2 sets out, with switching so the player isn't driving 2 outputs.

3) Keep the current setup, with output from tape on integrated.

Thoughts ? Other options ? Unplugging and replugging RCA's isn't a real option, though it would probably keep the best sound (minimal componenet or wire layers). Does anyone know of a high quality switchbox like I describe ?

Any info or thoughts are appreciated.


Todd - chams_uk

Your going to need a pair of Audioplex Technology "Buffy"

Passively Buffered "Y" Connector
1 Male RCA Plug to 2 Female RCA Jacks

You would then connect your interconnects to the Y's. If you can't find them in the UK, contact me I have 1 - 3 pairs in my surplus closet new in the bag. I've use them when hooking up whole house systems. Check out the Buffy's on the web. Good Luck!

Buffy The Dual-Zone Distrotion Slayer! Two-zone systems require buffered connections. If one receiver shorts its inputs when off, the other receiver will sound distorted when playing the common source. Kenwood, Pioneer and certain high-end Yamaha, Denon and Marantz receivers short their inputs when off. As a result, a source connected via a "Y" will sound distorted. End customer nightmares and troubleshooting hair-loss...specify the Buffy in all dual-zone systems.

Passively Buffered "Y" Connector
1 Male RCA Plug to 2 Female RCA Jacks