Spike/Surge Protection

My system is currently plugged into an Audio Magic Eclipse power conditioner. One of the benefits of using the AM Eclipse is for surge/spike protection. However, I also have my digital cable box and cable tv incorporated in my system. The 'cable' that is fed in from the cable company is plugged directly into my cable box and from there, is connected to my television. The problem is that this cable is not protected by any surge/spike protection. So here are my questions:
Can a spike or surge come through my cable company tv cable? If so, is there a simple device that is available that can provide spike/surge protection for only the television cable?

I've previously owned other power conditioners/power regenerators (namely Monster and PS Audio products) that had a built in protection unit for the tv cable, but my Audio Magic does not.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks for your help.
A damaging surge can certainly come in through the cable feed. Your cable company should have something that would work; if not, you can pick up a surge supressor at one of the big box stores.
jependleton...Thanks for the reply. Do they make surge supressors only for the television cable? I don't think I've seen these before. I'll run to Best Buy tomorrow to see if I can find one...