spendor SP1/2e vs. SP1/2r

Heard the SP1/2e and liked it very much. But current version is 'r' model, with claimed extended highs and lows. I'm concerned that the new voicing could have change the speaker character. Has anyone compared both?


I have feedback from British forums that it is not as good.I don't see how they could extend the high or why it should be necessary. I have the E's and intend to hang on to them. Spendor appears to be moving further away from their BBC heritage.
Thanks Stanwal,

I could understand that they had tried to extend bass a little bit, but I agree that extending the treble might change the loudspeaker character.

The new Stiriling Broadcast BBC 3/6 Monitor is supposed to be a Killer. It is by the original designer of the SP1/2.