Spendor s5e vs quad 22L2

So I have a pair of Spendor S5es in a room that is 15 x 25 abd driven by a Unison Unico. Becuase of the room arrangement, the speakers are against the short wall. When I sit about 8 ft from the speakers, things sound fantastic. However, when I am further out in the room (which is most of the time), while the sound is very good, things sound a bit 'thin.' I've thought of adding a subwoofer (REL or PSB), or even picking up a pair of small Spendors (3/5) or Quads (11Ls or 12Ls) and hooking them up in the old Hafler quad setup to fill out the sound. Alternately, I'm wondering how replacing the Spendors with a pair of Quad 22L or 22L2s might be an easier approach. I had heard a pair of 22Ls at a dealer a while ago and was really taken by the sound. Does anyone have any experience with the Quads who migfht comment on how they might compare in sound to the Spendors. I have a pair of Spendor BC-1 (never getting rid of these) and was considering bringing these back into the main music room, but my wife likes the floorstanding look and smaller footprint of the S5es.