Spectron musician III SE MkII mono block vs active

Did any one compare SM III SE MkII in mono block configuration versus active crossover system? Is there any difference?

Thanks for comments.
Guma15, I am not sure I understand your question completely.
Are you asking:
1. Difference using in 1 pc SM III MKII stereo amp 2 channel mode versus using 2 pcs mono, with or without active crossover before amps ?

Pls advise,
thx terry
dear terry,

thanks for question. when i asked for two options how to use spectron musicians i meant:

1. use two stereo musicians in monoblock configuration
2. use two stereo musicians as they are but connected into the system trough active crossover

what would be best?

now we can find a number of very good reviews about musicians in monoblock configuration but i'm wondering if may be active system even be better.

I presume that you speaker's passive crossovers are outboard and totally removeable eg Magnepan 20.1, Analysis Audio Amphitytrons (both of which I do own).
In this case, active crossover infront of the 2 amps will provided 4 channels of amplification, one amp feeds one speaker.
This setup is far more superior than using 2 mono amps and passive crossovers, 2 mono amps are better than 1 stereo amps.
My current setup is like this:
1 pcs mono Spectron MIII MKII feeds the bass panel of 1 speaker, second mono feeds the bass panel of the other speaker and the third stereo MIII MKII feeds both speakers mid/treble panels.
My next move will be the use of 4 pcs MIII MKII all in mono mode to deliver 4 channels of power.
If you have not order your Spectrons as yet, I would to suggest the upgraded V-Caps and Bybees.
I also have tried these setups with Pass amps and active crossover conf has always been more superior sounding.
I have been using true balanced ICs and I cannot hear even a hiss with ear pressed against the ribbon tweeters in my system.
All of this I know because I have done them.
dear terry,

yes you are right i'm own maggies 3.6 and using active crossover driving 4 bedini's classic 100 mono blocks from VTL 7.5 and everything is connected and powered by acoustic zen's absolutes. of course there is also another stuff but now irrelevant.

as i guess active system should be better than passive and i will stick with it. what i understand as well that spectrons are something 'live' for maggies, despite my present powers are not bad at all, contrarily sound is attractive, powerful and sonically very enjoyable.
i think that i will not be able to resist not to try and go with spectrons. thanks for tip about upgrading.
what about sonically in compare with some other powers you already tried?

fyi: the other day my system was upgraded by herbie's audio lab iso-cup isolation feet, ultrasonic damping instruments and few other things. i did not expected so good results, the sound become so much cleaner, do to more quiet background that is hard to believe. worth to think about herbie's.

brgds, boris
Hello Guma 15,
The Spectron MIII MKII with V-Caps and Bybee upgrades are really something special in my system and what I love about them above all other amps I have own so far is the bass presentation. This is dead on correct and something that I really love listening to. When you get the Spectrons in your system you will surely see what I mean. The difference is totally dramatic on a huge scale. The Spectron rep mentioned that these can go up against any other amps in the world and I am starting to think that he is correct.

thx terry
To coming back to this thread, I did quite some upgradings in my system since then and today fully upgraded Spectron monobloks dreive Magneplaners MG20.1r. As may coming a time to go further ie to add more Spectrons in to system I wonder what are benefits agains one set only.

Terry, would you please help to add your findings.

Whatever combo I have tried to drive my speakers with my pair of upgraded MIII Mk2's, the monoblock configuration yields a far superior sound than stereo mode.

These are world class amps and the only product that immediately limits any desires to try something different in your system!
Guma15, So now you have heard the benefit of operating with mono amps feeding your 20.1s
I am sure you have seen quite an improvement generated by your 20.1s
The next step I can suggest to make things a whole lot more better is active biamping if you are up to it, cost more money and time, but you will endup with 20.1 music you have never heard before.

You will need a first class active crossover and 1 more Spectron.

Your passive Magnepan crossovers are no longer used.
Your stereo preamp out will feed your active crossover, which will now generate a low and high outputs for both channels.
The 2 low outputs from your crossover will feed your 2 monos, each feeding only the bass panels of your 20.1s
The 2 high outputs from your crossover will feed 1 stereo MIII MKII amp which will feed both speakers mid/treble section.

Set up your crossover freqency, slope and Q according to the specs of the 20.1s
Use the level control on the crossover to adjust sound pressure levels between the bass and mid/treble panels.
Your bass panels will now be enjoying limitless power without blowing up the mid/treble sections. Since you can control individual sections at the crossover.
The crossover will also allow you to use all of the sweet spot on your preamp (sweet spot meaning withing 40 to 80% volume setting)

This setup is uncommon to many people and many of us are totally against active biamping.
One of the reasons for non active biamped systems with 4 discrete channels of audio power is that most speaker manufacturers do not allow you to remove their passive crossovers easily like Magnepan and a few others more who does.