Rock musicians with musical education.

I just want to know if anyone surfed through biographies of their favorite rock bands and found out that one or few members of the band have their higher musical degree.

I know a few Irmin Schmidt(CAN) Stockhousen graduate as a conductor. Main instrument is piano. Plays any kind of musical instrument.
Holger Czukay(CAN) Stockhousen graduate. Main instrument is Horn. Also plays mainly on all instruments.

There are the rock bands that I assume that they have such musicians among but I might mistake: ELP, Jethro Tull.

Share what you know.
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I recently learned thet Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd (pianist) was trained in classical music. Don't know if that means he has a degree or not. Actually I am more impressed with musicians who have little or no formal musical education. These are the ones with natural talent. I've seen some formally trained musicians who do everything right in theory and turn out music with no soul or character. I am not against higher education. I think one should get as much as possible however I also realize that the institutions of higher education are a branch in the tree of education.
The documentary "Goodbye Cream" includes an interview with Jack Bruce in which he tells of being a conservatory student, studying cello and composing. He really wanted to be a composer, but his instructors (apparently less impressed with his talent in this area than he was) kept insisting that he should concentrate on the cello. Eventually he dropped out, and took up the electric bass.
Steve Morris a guitar player who founded the Dixie Dregs with a classmate and has played with Kansas and now Deep Purple has a degree in jazz performance.
College/University educted rockers used to be the norm.

Gary Brooker (PROCOL HARUM), Nick Drake....
I heard a story once that Robbie Robertson from the Band was classically trained and, to avoid parental disappointment, required Danko and other members of the Band to initially pay him a nominal fee so he could claim with a straight face that he was providing "music lessons" rather than being a rock and roller. Don't know if its true, but its an amusing anecdote if it is.
Reminds me of the old joke.

How do you get a rock musician to stop playing?

Ans: Put sheet music in front of him.

I remain
Not a rock musician, but the great Jazz singer Nina Simone was a classicly trained piano prodegy, however, being African-American she found all of the doors shut for her in classical circles. She became a Jazz singer/pianist and eventually moved to Europe. In her first Carnegie Hall concert she sauntered out onto stage, removed a piece of gum that she was chewing and casually stuck it on the side of her grand piano. Attitude man.
Here is a quick short list....

Kenny Aronoff - Drummer for John Mellencamp, Smashing Pumpkins and the who's who session drummer....graduated BM Univ. Indiana.

Aimee Mann - Berklee College of Music, Boston

Elliot Easton - The Cars (guitarist) Berklee College of Music.

Gregg Bissonette (Drums) -Santana, Toto, Andy Summers,, Tab Benoit, David Lee Roth, and many, many more....Graduate North Texas State University.

Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums)- Sting, Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Robben Ford, Chick Corea and just about any artist you can think of.....Berklee College of Music.

Gordon Summnoner...aka Sting....remember he was an engligh teacher before he formed The Police.

Steve Smith (Drums) - Journey, Vital Information, Jean Luc Pontey, Bryan Adams, Larry Coryell...Berklee College of Music.
maybe I should learn how to spell ENGLISH....sorry.
Marakanetz actually asked for musicians whom studied music rather than went to university in general.
In terms of general education the list is rather large,Queen being arguably the most qualified band in the history of rock.
A list of musicians who went to Art college is probably longer than those who studied music.
In terms of studying music I can't think of any who weren't mentioned outside the obvious ones Jean Michel Jarre,Rick Wakeman and Elton John,I'm sure keyboard players are the most common.
However it is not a subject I claim to be an expert on.
What was common in England post-war amongst the middle and upper classes was a general education which involved musical studies either part-time and/or in their leisure time.The post-Elvis and then post-Beatles boom were full of such individuals-Procol Harum,Genesis etc.
Nick Drake one of my favourite artists came from such a background but did NOT study music rather English at Cambridge University.
Thanks for great follow-ups! I belive that Keith Emerson also majored in music studies. Believe it or not Rock musicians also played sheet music while studying and training.
The musicians I mentioned w/ the exception of Sting all went to University to study music...bothe Kenny Aronoff and Gregg Bissonette graduated with degrees in music.