Spectral with Transparent Cabling

I am seriously interested in trying out a Spectral amp (260 probably) if one shows up used. However, Spectral prescribes MIT cabling, and I own Transparent Reference cables. I have no intention to change cables, so my question is if anyone is using Spectral with (recalibrated for Spectral amp impedance) Transparent cabling with good results. I was hoping the Transparent filtering addresses the high bandwidth RF and RFI issues as well as the MIT filters.
It will probably be OK. I've used other brands of cables with Spectral and had no problems. I would call the Cable Co. and see what they think. If anyone can answer your question, it would be them.
Hi Edorr!, good to see you!you already know transparent can ajust the cables for most made, I say transparent will work better than mit cables for the spectral!I used Taralabs with spectral, that beat out the mit cables badly!, let us know what you do and exsperience. cheers.
Small world! No idea you used spectral amps. Interesting. I asked Transparent and they advised against it. Basically, I think they are just frustrated with Spectral for not sharing any information with them on how to calibrate their cables for MIT, and want nothing to do with them. Did you did a side by side comparison for tara and MIT on spectral. I know the Taras have funny boxes as well, but they are not in-line filters.