Spectral Reference Cartridge question

I removed a Spectral 'Reference' cartridge from my tt when I sold it. It's probably 10 years old. After I purchased it, I noticed that the cantilever was skewed slightly to one side. When I contacted Spectral about the cantilever being skewed, they advised me to just mount the cartridge in the headshell, so the proper alignment would be obtained.

OK, so on to my question. Is this cartridge worth anything now as a sale, or a trade-in on another cartridge, or can it be rebuilt? I looked at the Spectral web site, and there is no mention of Spectral cartridges. Any suggestions?

In advance, thanks for any thoughts that you may have.
Some time ago ( 2yrs+ ) I got $400 trade in on a Lyra
cartridge. Same folks made the Spectral. Don't know
if this still holds. If the cartridge still sounds good
align the unit with the cantilever not the body.
You could try a new cantilever and tip with Soundsmith?
Dear Louis1: I don't read in your system about " analog " but IMHO the best answer ( as Drjoe posted ) is that you hear it and decide if its worth to keep it against other carrtridges you own or alternatives you have ( if any ).

Regards and enjoy the music,
Sorry Raul, I do need to update my system, as I have done quite a bit since I've updated my original post. Of course, two things I did was add a Music Hall MMF-7 (Goldring h/o M/C cartridge) feeding a new Odyssey 'Tempest' preamp.
Dr. Joe, I've thought about hooking it up again, byt when I had, I was never too fond of it, so maybe I'll just see if I can trade it in on something else.