Spectral or Pass Labs ?

Dear Friends,
I like to buy Used Amplifier SS, Spectral DMA 150 Or Pass Labs XA160.
My Preamplifier is Klimo Merlino Gold Plus +Thor and Speekers are Tannoy DC 10T,all Cable are Nordost.
I like to know from your experience the main difference.
Thanks very much for your help.

I think based on your system, Pass is the way to go over Spectral. Spectral is very fast and neutral. Pass will be warmer and fuller.
I know you mean well but take a look at the Klimos output imp....
Both of the amps Alberto is looking at are not at their best with his pre.
Best JohnnyR
I think MIT cables are needed or recommended for the Spectral gear.
I'm with JohnnyR on that.
Matching impedance between amp/preamp is important. I'd look either to change preamp as well or look for the models that are OK with higher impedance preamps such as McCormack DNA... or Bryston models.
I suggest the Pass Labs amplifier. Spectral equipment requires MIT cables to sound the best. Please review this.