Spectral digital components

Has anybody used the spectral DAC and/or transport?. What is your opinion?
A partner of mine has the SDR2000 and 3000. They are absolutely first class.
I don't have them, but I've spent a lot of time listening to them. I can only suggest that you listen to a full, properly setup Spectral system. You will be amazed!
Excellent - open, airy, a touch too bright, but depends on the type of music. Was seriously considering purchasing it, but had 3 main hesitations: 1) Needs to be used in an all-Spectral system to milk its full potential. 2) Cannot be used with an upsampler (if this is desired). 3) Unsure about future adaptability/upgradeablity with newer formats (eg DVD and SACD) as well as cost required to effect this. In contrast, dCS gear (Elgar and Delius) are "future-proof" as one will be able to download the new formats from dCS through the internet (I'm told at no extra cost). Their upsampling piece (Purcell) will enhance one's existing CD collection in a very discernible way, too. I'm not punting for this brand, though. It irks me no end how we are forced to tolerate the wicked expense of all these components as well as the periodic upgrades necessary to keep up with the emerging formats. In the end, your ear should be your beacon (if you can afford it, that is).
I agree completely with what you're saying. I decided not to go for the Spectral stuff since it is "old technology". I am hopeful that newer and more reasonably price equipment will allow for new formats (DSD DVD-A), upsampling and room correction of the digital signal. Perhaps the new Perpetual Technologies equipment will work out. David
David - seems like you've done your homework and are treading with savvy! Good luck! Mark