Specific artist - "Homegrown" soundtrack

Greetings all. I'm trying to find out the name of the artist(s) that are playing in the "harvest party" scene of the movie "Homegrown". Looking up soundtrack info on the Web didn't help, so I'm looking here for help. Thanks in advance!
1. Smoke Two Joints- Toyes
2. Book of Rules- Heptones
3. GBG- Death In Vegas
4. Pass The Dutchie- Buck O None
5. We Are Dunb- Home Grown
6. I Smell A Rat- Sebadoh
7. Stars- Green Apple Quick Step
8. Gone To Stay- Elaine Summers
9. Great Escape- Chaser
10.Sick & Beautiful- Artificial Joy Club
11.Electro Glide In Blue- Apollo Four Forty
12.Burn- Lucky Me
13.Hold On To Me- Cowboy Junkies