Review: Homegrown Audio Super Silver Interconnect

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This is a high quality interconnect made of solid silver and priced as a stranded copper interconnect. The build is excellent and they sound even better(after a long break in). They are very fast and will improve the sound of any good source. Note, if your system is bright you might not like these, but for the $$$ it might be worth a try. Sure there are better cables out there at the MEGA$$$$ pricetag but IMHO you would have to spend 3-4 times the $$ to get something better. Good luck, Rick.

Associated gear
Bryston 4B power amp
Bryston 11B pre amp
Music Hall cd-25
Monitor Audio 8i's
Silver speaker cables

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There were a number of threads about HGA's interconnects on the forum during the past 18-24 months, which might be instructive to look at for those considering HGA's IC's.

I have had all of HGA's interconnects installed in my system at various times over the past 18 months: the Silver Solution (a copper-silver hybrid, no longer made), the Super Silver, and the Silver Lace. I have had mixed results with their interconnects in my system, which consists of the following primary components:
VPI HW-19 Mk4 turntable, with Rega RB900 arm, and Grado Reference cartridge (4.5 mV model)
Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE phono preamp (with PWX power supply)
Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD/CD player
Bryston SP-1 preamp/processor
Bryston 4B-ST power amp (for main speakers)
Bryston 5B-ST three-channel amp (for center speaker and rear surrounds)
Vandersteen 3A Signature main speakers
Vandersteen VCC-1 Signature center channel speaker
Stereo pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers, with Vandersteen Model 5 single-ended high-pass crossovers
Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 bi-wire speaker cable for main speakers
Alpha-Core Goertz MI1 speaker cable for center speaker
Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable for Vandy subs

I recently replaced the Silver Lace IC's, which had connected the Lehmann phono stage to the main preamp, and the preamp to the power amp (actually, the connection was to the crossovers, which are inserted between the preamp and power amp). These two runs of Silver Lace were replaced by Alpha-Core Goertz TQ2, which made a VAST improvement in the overall sound quality of the system, particularly in the high frequencies. The TQ2's offer a clean, extended treble that is much sweeter and grain-free when compared to the Silver Lace.

I am still using HGA's Super Silver interconnects for many of the connections of the ancillary gear to the pre/pro (and from the pre/pro to the Bryston 5B-ST amp), but after a period of several months of careful listening to the Silver Lace IC, I found I did not care for their sound in my system. They not only seemed bright, but made a number of recordings sound harsh, strident, and grainy in the high frequencies (almost as if the frequency balance had been shifted upward). This was true for both analog and digital sources.

I concede that the dissatisfaction I experienced with the Silver Lace IC's may have been peculiar to my system (possibly due to some electrical mismatch between the Silver Lace IC's and the Vandy subwoofer crossovers). Where I once recommended the Silver Lace interconnect without much reservation, I must now say that the Silver Lace is more system-dependent than I first thought, and potential buyers should audition this IC before plunking down their money (even for the very reasonably-priced DIY kits). The prices of the factory-assembled Silver Lace IC and the Goertz TQ2 IC are almost the same, and I found the TQ2 to be much superior IN MY SYSTEM.

My comments are not meant to contradict yours, or disparage the Silver Lace IC -- merely to reflect one guy's experience, and sound a note of caution that the Silver Lace IC's may be less successful in some audio setups than others.
I've had nothing but good results in my system using Super Silver interconnects and Silver Lace interconnects and speaker cable. Audiogoner Sdcampbell was very careful to stress that his results were system dependent and he is to be commended for his responsible statements. All to often we read blanket condemnations when a user gets less than optimum results from equipment.
For the record, I find the Homegrown cables to work beautifully in my system which is comprised of an Audible Illusions L-1 line stage preamp, and a Music Reference RM-9 tube power amp. Usually I run a Denon DCD-1650AR CD player directly into the power amp with the Silver Lace interconnects. That hookup with the Silver Lace speaker cables really lets my Acoustat 1+1's sing!