Speakers to go with a Jolida 302b

I just purchased a Jolida 302b. I was wondering what bookshelf or small tower speakers you would recommend in the $1000 or less range. I am a poor college student so my budget is important. Thanks
I took a quick look to see what's available used on this site and these would be what I would look into: Epos 14, Spica TC-50, B&W DM 305, B&W 640i, Snell E IV, and Vandersteen 1B/1C. Can't see going wrong with any of these and you'd have lots of money leftover. Good Luck and don't study to hard! Hope you enjoy the Jolida. Happy Holidays. Bill
Try a pair of Linn Tukans. There is a review thread on them here on audiogon. I use them with a Jolida 302 in one of my office systems and installed the very same combo for a "poor" college student friend of mine. A plus for the college student is that they not fussy as to room placement.
Trinagle Titus...$500new/$300 used...tube friendly...and Stereophile Class B monitors...no brainer!
I am even poorer and I was very pleased with a pair of Castle Acoustic Richmonds. They are incredibly well made and solid. I am very pleased and managed to find a pair of demos on the 'gon for $350. If I could afford it I would try to get a pair of their floor standing speakers but floor space and wallet don't permit.
Hi, Gdmendel!

In the mentioned budget will perfectly fit Triangle Zephyr if you want a floorstanding model, or the Titus XS if you like a bookshelf model. Either way you will get speakers that mate perfectly well with tube amps(there are many people who use them with Jolida amps- so it's a safe buy).
Or, perhaps, some other Triangle model...

You might end up with sound that will make many which spended more money to envy you!
They could actually be the biggest bang for the buck!

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I have a Silverline Panatella II driven from my 7W SET amp with a pleasing result. One of the sound stage reviewer used this speaker with Jolida 202 (probably more or less close to your amp) with good result as well.


These can be had for less than a grand, but they are a bit big (8x16x38?") so not sure if it will fit your need.