Speakers for YBA Integre DT

What speakers are a perfect match for my wonderful little YBA Integre DT amp. My current cables are two pair of XLO for biwire.
I especially enjoyed with Castle Howards and Proac response 1's. Again, the best decision is one made with your own ears..........experiment!
The SAP Duo is an exceptional speaker with the YBA integre. It costs 3995._ pair, but is a match made in heaven.
What is the SAP Duo? I have never heard of this product. Where caan I find out about it?
I recommend Soliloquy 5.0 or 5.3 depending on bass requirements. i have not found a better speaker line for the money!
I reallly like Soliloquy speakers. Also Triangle. I personally heard some YBA products with various Monitor Audio speakers, and was mightily impressed with the sound(several times). It seemed to be a very synergistic and satisfying match.
Also try Sonus Faber Concerto....you really have to take your piece to the store and demo it across a variety of speakers.
The SAP Duo is distributed by Blue Cow Audio and sold by Sound Asylum in LA Calif. It is an Italian speaker 8 ohm and a sens of about 95db. Beautiful in appearance and sonically reminded me somewhat of Tannoy Monitors. Really wonderful new products.
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