Speakers for Rock Music

I am looking to get a second pair of speakers for rock music.All my electronics are rotel.I currently have the B&W 683's but am looking for something that will kick butt for 70's and 80's rock.Looking for full range speakers with lots of bass.Price under 2000.00 and will buy used.Thanks

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Whenever these "Speakers for Rock Music" threads pop up, I always wonder how many of the contributors actually critically listen to rock music? Rock isn't just about "Turn it up, man! Freeeeeebird!" and bangin' yer head. There can be far more nuance within the genre than one may think.

While these noted necessities are not that different from what is required to properly reproduce other genres, IMHO a good rock speaker should be:

1. Very articulate
2. Dynamic (i.e. little compression / distortion at peaks)
3. Capable of moving an appreciable volume of air

However, the ability to express these qualities are probably just as attributable to the amplifier as to the speakers.

Do you like your B&Ws? What qualities do you think your current setup is missing? Are you just lacking bass? Is your budget based on selling your B&Ws?

Perhaps you should consider a pair of powered subs. $2k will buy you a pair of used REL Storm III subs.
Even the N804's are generally more than $2k used. However, if you're now considering that price range (and you want to stay in the B&W family), you may want to think about the N805's + a REL sub (or 2). I used to own this combo and always liked it better than the N804's. Better imaging and better bass for about the same price.