Speakers for Primaluna 3/5

Looking for loudspeakers to pair with the Primaluna 3/5. Need something that has a small footprint for the wife acceptance factor. I have a young child so stand mounted speakers are not an option. I have always enjoyed speakers that are more musical and less analytical. Thanks for the help
Forgive me if I read your post wrong, but small footprint + steady (no standmounts) do not seem to be compatible. A small footprint speaker that is also a floorstander will be slim and tall 99% of the time, leading to a higher center of gravity. Not necessarily unstable, just easier to tip over than a wide-base speaker.
Good point. I guess what I was trying to say was something that did not take up the entire room (which is on the small to medium side).
My personal opinion is the Audes Blues. I have a pair for sale (which is not why I'm suggesting this, only to let you know that I have used this speaker fully to know, and I'm not shipping mine so this isn't an offer, etc.).

The Blues work extremely well with low power tube amps.

And they look quite nice in any of their finishes. My wife liked the look of them. They are a little tall, but they are slender and sleek looking.

Well it is time you stated how much you want to spend. So far 11,327 speakers match your description. :-)
Kck, you are sharp.... To narrow it down from 11,327 speakers, my budget is no more than $3500.
I have the prologue I and have heard them with three speakers: audio physic yara, sonus faber concerto and opera superpavarotti. The yaras and superpavarotti's fit your aesthetic requirements. Both are slim baffle floorstanders. To my ears, the yara is the better match for the primaluna. More coherent integration of highs and lows. Sweet midrange. Surprisingly extended bass for such a small speaker. See photo under mikemarv virtual system. See a user review over at audioasylum under 'speakers'. The concerto is an incredible speaker for primaluna amps to my ears, but it is a monitor, albeit one that is screwed to its base. Just a beautiful speaker in every way. I would stick with a speaker that is reasonable efficient with your amp. If you want to go up the foodchain you could consider the Reference Gallo 3 or the Zu Druid +/- $3k. The druid will be a bit wider. Stick with a neutral speaker that is not overly warm with these amps. Great combo. Good luck!
I have had the Totem Arro's powered by a PrimaLuna Prologue Two and the sound is fabulous! I recently brought home a pair of Forests and tried the Prima on them as well and was pleasantly surprised at how well the Forests sounded on it. The Totem Arros (or Sttafs) are very small and provide an amazing amount of music for their size!
focus audio
78 se floor
688 se monitor
788 se floorstander ,,,maybe used[much cheaper]
i currently use maggies ,,but if & when i do go back to boxes,, I will choose the above spk\s..

end of discussion,,check reviews online..
you'll see
peace v