Primaluna DiaLogue HP Integrated Vs Line Magnetic 845ai

Has anyone compared these models? Both have been heralded by reviewers. Both are said to be well-built and reliable. They're about the same price and supposedly good value for the money. I have Harbeth Super SHL5's, Kimber Kables, and an AVID Sequel Turntable. What do you think? And thanks for taking the time to comment.
You are kind of comparing amps in two different price classes right? Isn’t the LM 845ia notably more expensive?

Either way, I would see if you can find local dealers to look at and listen to both in person. If I had to go in blind, I’d go with the LM. Single Ended and 845 tubes vs EL34. That’s enough to win me over, assuming it's enough power for your speakers. 
Thanks for the reply.

Actually, their fairly close in price with the LM about $400 more. As you know it's impossible to do a legitimate comparison without having both to listen to in my own room.

And I've only been able to find two reviews of the LM - one in Stereophile and Wall of Sound. 

I bought the LM. And you were right were on. Single ended 845 tubes create a warmer and more musical soundscape.

Congrats...Certainly different, but WARMER than EL 34? I’m also looking to pair my Harbeth (C7’s) up with an amp. I went on HUG (Harbeth users Group), and Alan narrowed it down to NAD or Dagastino, or simply choose the one with more power. Yes, that was a poke. (-: It’s just very strange to me. I’m thinking 65-70 tube watts...or if solid state, I will likely go 100 watts. My price range is slightly lower than yours. It seems like the 300B (likely not a good choice w/Harbeth) or 845/211 are regarded as elite output tubes. I only have experience with KT 88, EL 34, and most recently 300B. The latter, I use to drive the very efficient High impedance Altec’s. Perhaps I have cornered myself in to going Solid State by purchasing the C7’s. Maybe not a bad thing, but I would like to have the option to go either way. Interesting to me is Quicksilver for tubes, and Belles for SS.
I owned the PrimaLuna HP with EL34's and to my ear the LM 845ia is warmer and has more tube bloom...the music feeling more palpable.

And yes, the Harbeths aren't rated as all that efficient. Still they seem to drive my LM without any problem.
I have the Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated with KT 150's and NOS tubes. The Line Magnetic 805 I bought was so much better than the Primaluna that there was no point in A/B ing them. I just immediately boxed up the Primaluna for sale. 

The Lane Magnetic is quite a step up from my suped-up Primaluna. It's much sweeter and less grainy, cold and analytical. The PL sounded dry next to the Line Magnetic with stock tubes. More extended in each direction but never harsh.