Speakers for Marantz 7 & 8B

My father just gave me his original Marantz 7 & 8B. I'm looking for an ideal speaker match. Any recommendations?
KLH 9's; Janzens on top of old AR bottoms; Quad 57's; big vintage horns.
I can definitely recommend that Quad 57's. I have heard the Quads with the Marantz gear many times and it is wonderful. If you want something a little more modern and readily available, try a pair of the Reference 3A DeCapo-i's.
I have used the 7/8b combo with 10" 12" and 15" Tannoys and they mate up expectionally well. For the record I find the 8b better than the Marantz 2's on the big horns as it has more extended highs.
You didn't mention what size speakers you're looking for, but if you need a small monitor-size speaker pick up a pair of the Sequerra Met 7 MK4 or 5. Dick used the 8B as the design amp for those speakers, so they mate PERFECTLY, and sound wonderful.

Good luck, Ed
snell,ar,the usual suspects......there are several great buys on the gon at the moment.
I used to run a Marantz 8 into some highly modified Klipsch La Scala's. Their high sensitivity really helped to ease the load on the amp, allowing it to sing. Lower efficiency speakers may not be best for this amp, as they really only produce about 10 - 12 wpc RMS at low distortion levels. This is true of many other tubed amps of similar design, even though they are rated at 30 - 40 wpc.

Much of the "warmth" and "harmonic richness" that people like about tube amps actually comes from the high levels of distortion that these amps generate under load. Reducing the strain on the amp by using higher efficiency, higher impedance speakers can improve both the sonics of the system AND increase the length of life of the tubes. Sean