Speakers for Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks?

Hi, my current speakers are JBL 250 Ti and they are extremely good, delivering the huge american sound with thunderous bass yet I hope that maybe later this year I can upgrade them to more refined Hi End speakers withe better imaging, details and tembres while keeping the big soundstage and bass that JBL's are known for. Right now I'm thinking about B&W 800 Diamond (used to have 802D and while I wasn't happy with their rather boxy sound I still miss their lovely tweeter that never called any attention to itself) or Wilson Sasha. KER 207 Reference sound like a nice choice as well as Vienna Music (though Vienna looks like it's designed for less powerful amps so driving it with monstrous Nemos makes no sense). Any ideas or experiences with Nemo driven systems?

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NHT Four's? VMPS (pick your model/price)? PMC MB2?