Speakers for Cary 300sei

I am interested in a new system. I have Heron i speakers and like the Cary 300 sei.What speaker matches have proven to work well with this amp?I have a large room but don't play loud, so far I have yet to get past 11 on the volume.I want tone not loud, so please no recomendations based on volume.
Thank you.
I have used Ocellia speakers with very good results, many people could not believe the fast sound from this "slow" amp...

I use Lowther drivers in Mauhorn 4 cabinets with Cary 300SE monoblocks. This combo works very well. Only problem the mauhorns are very large & ugly.

If you want smaller speakers you can look at Omega Speakers.

JM Lab speakers are fairly easy to drive and are very good speakers for your amp. Did you try the headphones yet? Great amp BTW.
Omegas would be great; I also had (with 300SE monos) great results with the Reference 3A speakers ("only" 92dB, but no crossover and stable impedance of 6-8 ohms).
Thanks for the responses.The headphone out is super and on a cheap pair of Grados no less.Now I've got the itch to upgrade in that respect as well.
The 4 ohm taps seem to work best on my Heron's,yet other amps tapped for 8 ohms have worked better than 4 for this speaker.I guess you have to try all the options.
I was thinking the Druid or Vandersteen Quatros might be a nice combination,both have internally powered bass sections. Then again how about the Gallos? Anyone tried this combination?